Enviro Energy LLC…Making the Pellets of the FUTURE

Welcome to Enviro Energy LLC. We manufacture pelleted Mulch for your vegetable and flower gardens, pelleted Barley Straw for your ponds, and wood and grass pellet fuel all near Wells Bridge, New York.

Look For These Great Products in our Local Stores



Millers Soil Enhance™…Magical Multiplying Mulch

With  Soil Enhance™ your vegetable and flower gardens will be less work and more productive! This Magical Multiplying Mulch and Soil Enhancement is 100% natural and safe. It is produced locally from natural grasses.

It can be used as mulch or dug into the soil..

Millers Pond Enhance™…Clean and Clear Ponds

With Pond Enhance™ your pond may be less work and more fun! With the warming trend of our climate, ponds are more in need of a way to Enhance their water clarity. Mechanical and chemical control methods are not always efficient nor economical; with the added chance of damage to our environment.

In the past, bales of barley straw have been used – with good results. Now, Enviro Energy, LLC has compressed barley straw into pellet form.